History And Origins Of Bingo

Cards, Jass Cards, Card Game, StrategyBingo is one of those classic games that everyone has some kind of memory. The expectation of sitting in front of the card and hoping that luck helps. But is it just that?

We can say that bingo can bring together different people to compete and socialize at the same time. What can be better? Let’s see how this game, so popular around the world, came about.

Bingo Origins

There are several versions of its origin, but the most common indicates that it appeared in Italy, in 1530, under the name of Lo Gioco del Lotto d’Italia . It was very similar to the game we know today, with numbered balls and cards with random numbers. It’s still quite common these days.

First Bingo Spread: Europe

There are records that the game arrived in France at the end of the 18th century, where it was baptized as Le Lotto . At first it was a type of entertainment enjoyed only by the nobility. A curious fact is that, in that century, in addition to becoming known throughout Europe, it ended up being adopted for didactic purposes.

In Germany, for example, it was used as a method to teach children letters, mathematics and even history. This methodology continues to be used and valued in several countries.

Second spread: United States

There are indications that bingo arrived in the United States around 1929 and people started playing at Atlanta’s fairs and festivals. It was known as “Beano” (a word derived from “ bean ”, “bean” in English), since beans were used to mark the numbers on the cards. Edwin Lowe, a toy manufacturer visiting a Georgia fair, later popularized bingo.

It is said that, during his tour of the fair, the businessman was fascinated with that form of fun so simple and dynamic. Upon returning to New York, he bought beans and assembled something very similar to what he had seen. And then invited friends to play. That’s when something happened that would give rise to the current name of the game.

Why the name Bingo?

One of the most common versions indicates that in one of these meetings between friends, one of them confused the name and, instead of shouting “Bean” , inadvertently said “Bingo” . Chance or not, wanted this name to be a lot like the sound of a bell, which eventually led Lowe to adopt it.

Popularization of this game

Cube, Cards, Jass Cards, Card GameShortly thereafter, a local vicar asked Lowe for help as his parish was struggling financially. Due to this situation, Edwin realized that he would need more combinations of numbers, so he sought out a mathematician to help him with more combinations.

The mathematician was Carl Leffler, who created the number of cards needed for the countless games that would be played from that moment on. Since then, bingo has become popular, and shortly thereafter, Lowe would create the first rules of the game.

Interesting, isn’t it? An incredible story behind an entertainment that has gained a following around the world. Surely you felt like playing! Bingo! Visit our website and enjoy the online versions of this engaging game right now.

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