What is the New Film Fund?

The New Film Fund sets out with the dream of a world in which all living beings can live together on this planet peacefully. It supports films of solidarity that pave the way for change, adopt human rights in their broadest definition as their principle, and give a voice to minorities. It aims to support stories that display a transformative quality in form and content, narratives that challenge borders between genres, and projects that bring different encounters and experiences to the fore. By creating a platform that encourages diversity and the free expression of a multiplicity of voices, it hopes to enable the development of documentary film production in Turkey.

How Did We Begin?

Anadolu Kültür has, since 2009, provided small grants to projects that facilitate social transformation; support the struggle for equality, freedom, and intercultural tolerance and sensitivity; and share a vision of a pluralistic society that has shed its prejudices and enables minorities to make their voices be heard, It is now setting out in partnership with the !f Istanbul Independent Film Festival to transform these grants and further this vision through a permanent film fund.

The founding partners who aim to open new fields where independent film production can thrive; have realized, with the New Film Fund reflects the founding partners’ desire to create a platform that supports films of solidarity that hold freedom, peace and social justice as their common values and enables filmmakers to find their unique voice. In addition to its goal of supporting and distributing films that will create awareness, the Fund also aims to promote the production of films displaying universal standards by filmmakers from Turkey.

The New Film Fund, through a biannual call, aims to assess and support films that display innovative qualities in terms of form and content and different forms of production at the development, production or post-production stages.

Anadolu Kültür

Founded in 2002 as a not-for-profit cultural institution by individuals from different fields of art, the business world and civil society with the aim of supporting the production and promotion of culture and arts in cities other than Istanbul, Anadolu Kültür continues its work with the firm belief that through the sharing of art reciprocal tolerance and sensitivity can develop, regional differences and prejudices can be transcended, and as cultural life blossoms, concepts such as citizenship, identity and belonging can be discussed, and that debates that form along this axis can contribute to social reconciliation.

The vision of Anadolu Kültür is a society that is nurtured and enriched by differences, that has shed its prejudices, and in which cultural diversity is perceived not as a source of conflict but of wealth. By sharing culture and the arts, supporting local initiatives, underlining cultural diversity and cultural rights, and reinforcing interregional collaborations, Anadolu Kültür aims to build bridges between different ethnic, religious and regional groups.


!f İstanbul

!f Istanbul Independent Film Festival is an organization that has for the last 17 years, with an audience of over 80 thousand people, added a new lease of life to the culture and arts scene, brought film lovers together with different viewpoints from all corners of the world, and has enriched its program with the parties, workshops and various events it has held.

The festival, which meets its viewers at the Cinemaximum cinemas in Istanbul, Ankara and İzmir in the months of February and March, presents a program compiled under different and contemporary themes. With its ‘alternative distribution and sharing’ project  !f ², a first for a festival of this kind, it transmits the spirit of the festival to more than 30 cities in Turkey and its neighbouring countries.