Terms of Application

2018 first application period is between 21 February and 4 April 2018. Applications can only be made in Turkish. 

Different amounts of support will be awarded to feature-length, medium-length and short non-fiction films.

Feature-length and medium-length films

  • Up to 5.000 TL. for project development
  • Up to 40.000 TL for production
  • Up to 30.000 TL for post-production
  • and Atlas speacial post-production award

Short films

  • Up to 15.000 TL for production
  • Up to 15.000 TL for post-production
  • and Atlas special post-production award


Qualities Sought in Films


Unique films, that dare to take risks and make their voice heard through different means.


Films that display universal comprehensibility, which tell their story with a different film language and a new perspective.

Unique Storytelling

Films that display a creative narrative structure and form.

Artistic Approach

Films that display a well-designed cinematography, sound and editing in terms of storyline, narrative and production.

Social, Cultural, Ecological Sensitivity and Awareness

Films that display urgency, open new fields of debate, and mediate the narration of social issues that attract interest.


Films that display diversity of form, content and subject matter, cover different geographies and cultures and take into account gender and different age groups.


Films that display a potential that can access to the viewer, orient culture and everyday practices, and empower grassroots movements for change.

Terms of Application

An application must comply with all the rules stated below in order to be considered for assessment.

* Projects at the production and/or post-production stage are expected to have secured funding or resources for at least one third of their budget.

* The film fund is open to applications from directors or producers from Turkey.

* Applications to the film fund are to be made in Turkish. Films may be made in any language or in any country; however, films applying to the production and/or post-production stage must have Turkish subtitles.

* Directors can only make one application during an application period. And the producers can make more than one applications during an application period. However funding will only be given to one producer and/or director.

* Projects are not allowed to reapply to the same stage of production more than twice. The projects must have advanced to another stage of production in order to reapply for the third time. 

* The New Film Fund does not support profit-oriented advertising or promotion films, political party propaganda films and fictions films.

* Applicants need to hold the copyright of the work they are applying for, or need to have obtained the necessary permission from the copyright holder.

* The work subject to application should not be screened before the support results is announced, and the project should not be uploaded on the internet in full.